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The Intramural Sports Program at NOVA wants to encourage the wellness of its community by providing opportunities to both students and faculty/staff to engage in fun, competitive and social activities. Grab some friends, sign up your student organization, or get a group of your fellow NOVA co-workers together and register for an Intramural Sports League or one of the various intramural tournaments.

There are plenty of sports and activities to choose from including soccer, flag football, bowling and basketball. The Intramural Sports Department is continually working to expand and offer new sports and activities; so be on the lookout for events that interest you!

This Web page is a great resource for you to learn about all the current opportunites available.

Open Registration          

Registration Open:
Current Activty in Season Season Dates:
AN - FIT Challenge Continues to March 19   AN - FIT Challenge Jan. 29-March 19
AN - Badminton Now through July 28         AN - Badminton May 26-July 28
AL - Outdoor Volleyball Now through June 19   AL - Outdoor Volleyball May 28-June 25
AN - Indoor Volleyball Now through June 19   AN - Indoor Volleyball May 28-June 25

For information or questions about NOVA’s Intramural Sports Program, please contact Cecil "CJ" Jackson, College-Wide Intramural  Sports and Recreation Specialist, at 703.323.3713 or email him at

Team Registration

Team Registration and manage teams (

Event Rules:      
Soccer         3-on-3 Basketball
5 on 5 Flag Football         5-on-5 Basketball
Kickball   Volleyball


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