Mission Statement

NOVA Mission Statement

With commitment to the values of access, opportunity, student success, and excellence, the mission of Northern Virginia Community College is to deliver world-class in-person and online post-secondary teaching, learning, and workforce development to ensure our region and the Commonwealth of Virginia have an educated population and globally competitive workforce.



NOVA Athletic Mission Statement

The mission of the Northern Virginia Community College student athletics sports program is to provide student-athletes the highest possible quality educational opportunities, resources, services, and facilities to achieve academic and athletic excellence while adhering to guidelines specified by the Virginia Community College System, the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), and other athletic conference affiliations.

The NOVA Athletic Program

 The student athletics program at Northern Virginia Community College is designed to be a vital and integrated part of the student’s educational experience.  It is expected that through participation in intercollegiate athletics and club sports, the student-athlete will develop carry-over values such as a sense of fair play, cooperation, responsibility, self-discipline, leadership, and ultimately progress toward a college degree. 

College sponsorship of an athletic program is also expected to help create an institutional identity in the immediate community and to bring regional and national recognition to the College.  It is also expected that a successful and well-administered athletic program will be beneficial in assisting student recruitment efforts.  The program shall serve as a means by which other students, faculty, staff, and alumni can be brought together in support of a common rallying point to generate school spirit creating a typical collegiate environment.  The intercollegiate athletic program will work in partnership with its dynamic, multi-cultural community to provide accessible and high quality guidance and direction by keeping the needs of the student-athlete at the center of decision-making. Only the highest standards of sportsmanship and conduct are expected of students, coaches, staff, and administrators associated with the intercollegiate athletic and club sports program at Northern Virginia Community College.  The emphasis of the program is clearly on success as a student first and success as an athlete second.