Alex Erchov
Alex Erchov
Title: Program Assistant, Video
Year: Third Season (2012)

Alex Erchov joined the NVCC Ice Hockey program in 2012, and is coach Evgueni's younger brother. Both Alex and Evgueni grew up and learned to ice skate in their hometown of Dubna, Russia, back in the days of the Soviet Union.

Erchov career in the digital arts field began in 1999, long before receiving his Media Arts bachelor's degree from the Art Institute of Washington in 2004. He is a NOVA alumni as well, having completed several classes here, prior to his enrollment in AIW.

Erchov is currently employed by the Computer Sciences Corporation, where he creates 3D models of various civilian and military vessels, for use in the Virtual Ship maritime simulator software. Virtual Ship is used by the U.S., British, and the Dutch navies to train their officers in realistic ship handling and navigation. 

In his spare time, Erchov hobbies revolve around various digital media projects, such as filming, video editing and illustration.